Choice of 100% Virgin PP (Polypropylene) for tropical use or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for cold storage.
* 100% virgin material
* All LOADMASTER models are non reversible.
* 2-way open models are recommended for pallet trucks
* 4-way closed models are recommended for exclusive forklift use.
* Not recommended for racking.
* Use only HDPE pallets for cold storage. (0˚C to -45˚C)

For large orders we recommend sampling before ordering.
In order to prevent returns and exchanges and for you to select the pallet that will best serve your requirments,
we allow sampling / testing of up to 2 pieces for 5 days maximum.
Samples must be paid for in cash upon pick up but are refundable upon return.
If samples are not returned within 5 working days, they will be considered sold.
Kindly call our office to confirm availability of samples at showroom before coming over.
1 LM 1012 145 2way w inset

2 LM 1012 145 4way closed 3 LM 1012 180 2way 4 LM 1012 180 4way closed 5 LM 1012 145 ECR 6 LM 1212 180 2way 7 LM 1212 180 4way w inset


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